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Engine Room Games (ERG) were founded in 2008 and develop technology and video games for console, PC and mobile platforms.

Our founders have been in the industry since the early days and are as excited about the present and imminent new generation platforms as they were back in the 8-bit and 16-bit days. Since starting ERG we've worked on some fantastic AAA games including Batman : Arkham Asylum for Rocksteady and the F1 series for Codemasters.

UnityIn early 2013 ERG started working with Unity on the development of Unity for Sony console platforms. We now work on the ongoing development, testing and support of Unity for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. This is an ideal partnership for ERG whose founders have worked on all PlayStation platforms since the introduction of the original PlayStation over 20 years ago.



Tim Cannell, Director/Software Engineer.

Tim has over 27 years professional programming experience, 25 of them being in the video game industry. He has worked on numerous complete projects, working both alone and as part of large teams, to produce an extensive range of AAA games covering many genres and most platforms.


Paul Dunning, Director/Software Engineer.

Paul has worked in the video game industry for more than 25 years, and has produced a huge range of successful products covering all types of games and platforms. Paul also has extensive project management experience and in recent years has been managing a core-technology division, and tools department, heading up a team of ten programmers.


Alex McLean, Director/Software Engineer.

Alex has been working in the games industry for the past 20 years and has held various positions in software engineering and technical / development management. Prior to rejoining ERG Alex was working at Codemasters, initially as a Studio Head of their BAFTA winning F1 studio in Birmingham and latterly as VP Development and VP Technology in their Southam HQ.


Engine Room Games presently has two offices. Our West Country office is in the Bristol suburb of Westbury-On-Trym and our Warwickshire office is just outside Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Our Bristol Office

Our Bristol Office is located in Trym Lodge, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol.

Our Warwickshire Office

Our Stratford Office is located on the Alscot Estate, Warwickshire.

Our UK Offices


Engine Room Games Collective Biography

Title Name Release Date Platforms
F1 2015 2015 PC/XBoxOne/PS4
GRID Autosport 2014 PC/PS3/Xbox360
F1 Race Stars 2013 PC/XBOX360/PS3
GRID 2 2013 PC/PS3/Xbox360
DiRT: Showdown 2012 PC/PS3/Xbox360
Never Dead 2012 PS3/Xbox360
Sniper Elite V2 2012 PC/PS3/Xbox360/Wii
F1 2011 2011 PC/XBOX360/PS3
Bodycount 2011 PC/XBOX360/PS3
Operation Flashpoint Red River 2011 PC/XBOX360/PS3
DiRT 3 2011 PC/XBOX360/PS3
F1 2010 2010 PC/XBOX360/PS3
Alien Vs Predator 2010 PC/PS3/XBox360
DJ Hero 2 2010 PS3/Wii/XBox360
I-SPY Spooky Mansion 2010 PC/Mac/Wii
PDC World Championship Darts Pro Tour 2010 Xbox360/Wii/PS3
Ashes Cricket 2009 PC/PS3/XBox360/Wii
Batman:Arkham Asylum 2009 PC/XBOX360/PS3
Colin McRae: DiRT 2 2009 PC/PS3/Xbox360
F1 2009 Game 2009 iPhone
PopSlide 2009 iPhone
SFX Clock 2009 iPhone
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising 2009 PC/PS3/Xbox360
Rogue Warrior 2009 PC/PS3/Xbox360
All Shook Up 2008 iPhone
iINCLINE 2008 iPhone
Conflict : Denied Ops 2008 PC/XBOX360/PS3
Ultimate I-SPY 2008 Wii
Race Driver: GRID 2008 PPC/PS3/Xbox360
Championship Manager 2007 2007 PC/Mac/PS2/Xbox360/PSP
Colin McRae: DiRT 2007 PC/PS3/Xbox360
TOCA Race Driver 3 2006 PC/PS2/Xbox
Conflict : Global Storm 2005 PC/XBOX/PS2
Championship Manager 2005 PC/Mac/PS2/Xbox360/PSP
LMA Manager 2005 2005 PS2/Xbox
Club Football 2005 2005 PC/PS2/Xbox
Conflict : Vietnam 2004 PC/XBOX/PS2
Conflict : Delta 2004 PS2
TOCA Race Driver 2 2004 PC/PS2/Xbox
LMA Manager 2004 2004 PS2/Xbox
The Great Escape 2003 PC/XBOX/PS2
Conflict : Desert Storm II 2003 PC/XBOX/PS2/GAMECUBE
Conflict : Desert Storm 2003 PC/XBOX/PS2/GAMECUBE
Club Football: 2003/04 Season 2003 PS2/Xbox
Sydney 2000 2002 PC
Salt Lake Olympics 2002 PC
Drome Racers 2002 PC/PS2/GAMECUBE
LMA Manager 2003 2002 PS2/Xbox
Colin McRae Rally 3 2002 PS2/Xbox
Pro Race Driver 2002 PC/PS2/Xbox
1NSANE 2000 PC
Warzone 2100 1999 PC/PS1
The Incredible Hulk 1997 PC/PS1/SATURN
Pirates Gold 1996 CD32
Blast Chamber 1996 PC/PS1
Gunship 2000 1996 PS1/AMIGA
Blue Lighting 1995 JAGUAR
Battlemorph 1995 JAGUARCD
XCom : Terror From The Deep 1995 PC/PS1/AMIGA
X-Men 2 : Clone Wars 1995 MegaDrive
Impossible Mission 2025 1994 AMIGA
Taz in Escape from Mars 1994 MegaDrive
XCom: Enemy  Unknown 1993 PC/PS1/AMIGA
The Games ’92 1992 PC/AMIGA/ST
The Godfather 1991 PC/AMIGA/ST
Last Battle 1991 PC/AMIGA/ST
New  York Warriors 1991 AMIGA/ST
Days of Thunder 1990 AMIGA/ST
California Games 2 1990 PC
Operation Harrier 1990 PC
Voyager 1990 PC
Shinobi 1989 AMIGA/ST